Health Care Centers

pic_medAt BioMedGas, we understand the special needs and requirements of Health Care Centers of all sizes.  We are a top provider within our Central Texas market reach with over 200 bulk systems installed and maintained.  We offer complete solutions, custom designed to meet your individual needs, and then we monitor and adjust systems and products as your needs change over time.  We have been serving medical clients with unsurpassed customer service, products that meet or exceed industry standards, and at the lowest possible costs.  In fact, we are always looking for ways to keep costs down, including doing 100% of our own deliveries, instead of sub-contracting with third-party delivery services as some providers do.

BioMedGas continues to be on the leading edge of medical gas systems.  We  are compliant with FDA, EPA, and Homeland Security regulations.  BioMedGas offers the highest purity in medical gases available.  We also provide specialty mixes for clients, and gases including Nitrogen, Nitrous, Oxygen,  Carbon Dioxide, and Breathing Air.

Our medical installations range from single high-pressure cylinders and everything in between, across multiple locations.  We understand that many times, our medical gases may mean the difference between life and death in the health care arena.  Our experienced team,  24-hour emergency service, and the highest purity gases available, mean you can rest easy knowing BioMedGas has you covered.

For more information, please contact us via email on this site, or give us a call…we’d love to talk to you.